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Fall light table activities

«Fall light table activities» in pictures.

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I linked up a post that includes the do it yourself hand held light box we came up with. If this is not quite what you were looking for, please feel free to remove it! We love our regular size light box too! Thanks for inspiring some new ideas :))

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Squirt a thin layer of shaving cream into a transparent dish, spread it flat, then use your fingers, a chopstick, or a paintbrush to write or draw in the shaving cream. This works a lot like drawing in shaving cream on the window. You could also write in sand on the light table or in salt.

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It is really fun to see my 66 month old son's reaction to the light box since we haven't gotten it out in a while. He interacts with it completely differently than my 8 6/7 year old daughter ever did. He loves to lay on the floor and look at the lights inside and he loves to climb on it. We also put a mirror behind it this time which was another big hit with him.

We’ve had our color blocks for years and they are adored by our toddlers and preschoolers! A few years ago we added mirror blocks for additional fun.

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There are 95 cube counters in 8 different sizes and a variety of colors. Oddly enough they arrived individually packaged so it took a while to cut open 95 different cube packages! Consider yourself warned! Aside from that they are AMAZING! Super sturdy which means they won’t be damaged with kids or crushed.

Images are really very impressive and nice theme you implement or decorate your table with the help of LED lights. This blog is looks very pretty and awesome thanks again for sharing.

Modeled after the movie Frozen, this slime is glittery, blue and smells like peppermint. Follow the recipe from the link above and let your kids play with the slime along with other materials like pipe cleaners or cookie cutters over the light table.

Our light table gets so much more use in the fall and winter months, I think it’s because the weather has changed so we are inside more and it’s getting darker earlier. The light table is much more fun when it’s in a dark room. This week I pulled together a these simple (and virtually no prep) light table activities for fall and they were such a hit with my daughter and my daycare kids.