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Edit mp3 length in windows media player

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How to Copy or Burn a CD Using Windows Media Player: 11 Steps

Step 7: From the list of songs appearing in the library, choose a particular song, right-click and choose the edit option.

How to Edit Video in Windows Media Player

Once downloaded and installed, open VLC player on your PC. Now click on Media and select Open File. Now you will be prompted to browse and add the song you wish to cut, so find and select your song.

How to Edit Music with Windows Media Player

Step 8 : You can now begin editing for the required category and press the enter button on the keyboard. You can continue editing the title, the name of the composer, genre of the song, contributing artist, release here, and album name. You also receive the chance to rate the song within the album.

Although VLC Media Player -- a free multimedia player and converter available for download from -- is not often used as an audio or video editor, you can perform simple editing techniques like trimming off the front and back of an MP8 file, adjust equalizer settings to achieve a desired sound and convert your MP8 to a different format using VLC's Streaming/Exporting Wizard function. The company recommends that you download the latest version of VLC Media Player to access the most up-to-date features.

Click on Selection Tool then click on the waveform to choose a place to start, then click the Play button . Click and drag to create a selection, and then when you click Play button only the selection will play.

The first step is downloading VLC player for official website. ( Click here to download ) If you have already installed VLC player in your PC then, skip this step.

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Once you've exported your project you may want to keep the original project file (AUP) and its associated _data folder around in case you want to make some changes to it in the future.

You now have a region of audio that starts several seconds (or perhaps minutes) from the beginning of the track. You could move the audio to the beginning of the track, using Tracks Align Tracks Start to Zero , but this is not a necessary step because when exporting, Audacity will ignore the white space between time zero and the start of the audio.

If you want to edit music that you have on an audio CD , you need to rip the music into an audio file. See the Audio CDs page for information on getting the audio off of CDs and into Audacity.