Published: 18.08.2018 23:35

Dvd rw drive missing windows 7

«Dvd rw drive missing windows 7» in pictures.

How to Restore the DVD Drive on Windows 7 | eBay

hey guys My disc driver is cannot be detected and the icon is disappeared from my computer and device manager, I have tried the above solution as listed for vista users but in the end, the programme said it could not detect any disc driver. I have also tried to solve through 'Editor Registry', there was not 'upper' and 'lower' filters to be deleted. So do u think u could help me to solve this problem

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I found a workaround for my problem quoted. If you can modify the upper and lower filter, do so. I was not able to do this since the parameters were not present.

Computer can not show the CD/DVD ROM (Drive E) [Solved]

Same problem as everyone else. My DVD does not exist. The upper and lower filters do not exist in my registry. Then what? the drive is still not there ! Can anyone from Microsoft jump in and help. This is very frustrating.

THANKS…. after being mad at Microsoft, now I can say thanks. I knew SP8 for XP caused the problem, I just could not find the cure until I found Fix It.

i have the same problem as yours. i do not found any upper or lower... as many of they saying. Have any one got the solution for me?

These no burner and media not present issues are probably the worse to fall into. Most go unresolved. But, some resolve. Keep the thought that is will be one of them that resolves.

One more. My DVD/CD player/writer (Dell M6765 laptop) was working fine, I was making some cds for a long trip, then it just stopped being able to read or write any CD. Commercial, blank, etc. Uninstalled iTunes, Nero, Roxio, everything that reads or writes to the CD (except Window Media Player.) Deleted the upper and lower registry entries per the instructions, uninstalled the drive and rebooted, etc. The systems SEES the drive, it just can’t read anything in it.

When another program seizes control of the burner at bootup, well before one launches the Adobe program, the OS is informed that the burner is not what the hardware says it is. In the case of the various packet-writing modules, like InCD, or DLA, or even Windows Burning app., the OS is told that the burner is really a HDD. In the case of that Windows Burning app., another program, like Quicken, has invoked it, and told the OS that the burner is only a CD burner, and to treat it like a HDD, to allow for direct data writing for Backup to Disk.

In case it helps, here are some system-log entries from when the CD-rom disappeared (there are some McAfee-related info messages before/after and between):

6. Press the Win key and type into the Search box. Alternatively go to Control Panel Administrative Tools Computer Management, then click on Disk Management.