Published: 23.09.2018 23:26

Default user logon picture windows 7

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Changing the Pre-Login Screen Background Picture

I saw that in the folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-6-5-68\ReadOnly, everytime I change my lock screen, manually from Settings Change PC Settings Personalize, it is created a folder named LockScreen_Y, LockScreen_X, LockScreen_U etc, as the same as in the folder C:\Users\ user \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows.

Q. How can I force all users to use the default user picture? | IT Pro

This worked for Win8! Thank you.

I had just spent an hour on this previous to reading this reply. T he sign in screen would change to the image I copied to the folder but then when logging out I would get a blue screen again. I believe adding SYSTEM to the permissions solved the issue I was having

Customize the default local user profile when preparing an image of

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When the Registry Editor appears in the Start Menu, click the Enter key to launch it. You should see a window like this.

Set Action to Replace
For Source file, place your newly in the GPO unique ID path: (you can find it by going to the details tab of the newly created group policy)

I’ve been wondering how to do this. I had to compress the image I wanted to use to keep it under 795kb, but it looks wonderful! Thanks!

Rather than mess with permissions, I used the Windows 8 startup DVD and copied the file using that. Then I deleted the generated LockScreen*.jpg images in the TrustedInstaller's user profile as described in earlier posts.

I tried this on Win 7 professional with no luck. Followed each of the steps and everything checks out. My file is less than 755KB so not sure why it isn’t working? Any thoughts?

You can then create another account and log in using it to make sure your profile settings take affect for new users. Be sure to delete it once you're done testing.

* I am pretty sure there are rules to the size of this image but you are gunna have to look those up yourself I am too lazy :)