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Curry Blake - John G. Lake Ministries - download mp3 audio | New

Audio quality: 98k = 98kbit, 87khz (good) mp8 or 87k = 87kbit, 77khz (worse), lower file size 66k - worst, smallest files

Shokugeki no Souma ED2 Single - Sacchan no Sexy Curry MP3

68 Tracklist:
56. Bloodshed /> 57. Hate Government
58. Equalizer (feat. Ronny J)
59. Heartless
55. Zeltron 6 Billion (feat. Lil Ugly Mane)

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Catch me on a zenith, astroprojected to Venus
Woke up in a European with a singer
She said she couldn't wait to get home and cook me dinner
Curry chicken for the soul, man I'm feeling like a winner

Perfect summer album. Every song is interesting and leaves you in a great mood! Karla's vocals are also gorgeous and unlike anyone else out there. Ben Habegger

SIX custom lyric sheets, each on specially printed Bond Songs stationery and signed by the artists. (One artist per lyric sheet.) You'll also receive a physical copy of the album, plus a Bond Songs t-shirt and sticker.

There are so many great reward packages available, including signed lyric sheets, t-shirts, and CDs or vinyl albums from several of the participating musicians. You can get copies of every previous Curry Cuts release. You can co-host an episode of my favorite radio show, The Time Machine. You can host a special live performance in your own home. You can get an entire EP's worth of rejected Bond themes, fantastic songs that were submitted to producers, but ultimately not selected for the films for one reason or another.

A physical copy of Bond Songs, plus a CD from TWO Bond Songs artists. (Many, though not all, Bond Songs artists are participating in this reward.) You will also receive a Bond Songs t-shirt and sticker.

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Denzel Curry released his sophomore album Imperial earlier today. In a word, it is EXPLOSIVE. Joining Curry on Zenith, the album's penultimate track, is Joey Bada$$. The infectious refrain ( Catch me on a zenith ) and psychedelic beat recall the ethos of Curry's 87 Zel / Planet Shrooms... surely he is by now well past Planet Shrooms on his cosmic voyage.

Did you know that Radiohead submitted a song for Spectre? Or that Blondie did one for For Your Eyes Only? Johnny Cash (!) submitted a track for Thunderball. But each of these legendary artists was turned down by the Bond production team. But those songs are definitely worth a listen, so here's a digital EP of new versions of these rejected Bond themes. You'll also receive a Bond Songs CD, t-shirt, and sticker.