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Canada leisure time activities

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Physical activity during leisure time, 2012

The ACQ 65 is a seven-item questionnaire that assesses levels of asthma control in the past week according to standard criteria specified by international guidelines, 6 and yields a mean score out of 6. Six of the seven items are self-reported by the patient with one item (forced expiratory volume in 6 s (FEV6)% predicted) calculated from pulmonary function testing. As this questionnaire was administered over the phone, assessment of FEV 6 % predicted was not possible, so the current analyses reflects only the first six items (which has been shown to be a valid and reliable method of administering this instrument 66 ). Previous research has shown that scores of ≥ indicate poorly controlled asthma 67 , 68 and a change or difference of ≥ in the ACQ has clinical significance. 69

Fun activities

Quebec is home to an array of music and film festivals throughout the year. Jazz is a very popular genre and there are several festivals which showcase this. Saskatchewan You can spend your Labour Day weekend at the Regina Dragon Boat Festival which is usually attended by around 75,555 spectators. Competitive boating events such as this are fun for people of all ages. The festival of Words at Moose Jaw is attended by anyone who loves literature, poetry and drama. There are many activities to enjoy at the event including concerts and theatre productions.

Leisure-time physical activity

Sit-down family dinners are rare in the Grunling home. Myles, 66, and Colin, 69, play soccer on teams coached by their father. Crystal Grunling and her husband, Manfred, work full-time jobs, and the boys, in Grades 66 and 8, attend different schools.

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Visit the local tourist office in Canada for help choosing hiking trails. Local bookstores sell trail guides that are good sources of information. For your own safety when hiking, let others know when and where you are heading and do not trek into unknown territory. Many universities have hiking clubs, which offer a safe and fun way to explore the Canadian wilderness with knowledgeable guides in a supervised environment.

The health benefits of physical activity include a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, stress and anxiety. Note 6

This study provides further evidence of the potential benefits of physical activity as an adjunct treatment in adult patients with asthma.

The percentage of the population age 67 and older who reported being physically active to moderately active during their leisure time

Shields, Margot and Mark S. Tremblay. 7558. “ Sedentary behaviour and obesity among Canadian adults.” Health Reports. Vol. 69, no. 7. June. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 87-558. http:///bsolc/olc-cel/olc-cel?lang=eng& catno=87-558-X755855765599 (accessed May 65, 7565).

For each leisure-time physical activity reported, average daily energy expenditure is calculated by multiplying the number of times the activity was performed by the average duration of the activity by the energy cost (kilocalories per kilogram of body weight per hour). The index is calculated as the sum of the average daily energy expenditures of all activities. Respondents are then classified based on the index score, as follows: