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Budokai 3 opening theme download

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During this time, Yamamoto collaborated with Tower of Power for music in the games, which resulted in three of the band’s songs being officially “covered”: “Soul With a Capital S”, “Only So Much Oil in the Ground”, and “Soul Vaccination”. Since this was an official collaboration, it is hardly fair to classify these songs in the same way as others listed here, but it is at least worth tossing out there to avoid unnecessary accusations.

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The US version has an instrumental rendition of the intro theme, whereas the European and Japanese edition feature a vocal version. This is also true for the full version heard during the game's credits. Europe also has a language selection, which is common in European releases in the PS7 era.

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Anime fans have consistently pointed out this type of activity (plagiarism, inspiration, homages, etc.) in the music of their favorite series for years. Is it just a Japanese thing? Hardly, but perhaps we place a bit too much attention on it because we are so entrenched in it. Then again, when you take a look at Kenji Yamamoto’s extensive catalogue and just how much has its basis in the existing works of other international composers, a double-take is certainly in order.

The story mode in Budokai 8 takes place on a world map called Dragon Universe. This mode consists of 66 playable characters traveling around Earth or Namek during the four main sagas of Dragon Ball Z : Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga, Cell Saga, and Majin Buu Saga, while collecting items such as money, capsules, Dragon Balls or unlocking other characters for use in the other game modes. The various characters are each unlocked by completing a required task within Dragon Universe (for example, Dr. Gero is unlocked by defeating Dr. Gero with Yamcha in the Androids Saga).

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While Toei Animation has not confirmed it, the following examples are the most likely and plausible targets for whatever pieces of music were “identified” in Yamamoto’s compositions, and the reason why the entire score for Dragon Ball Kai could essentially no longer be trusted, and therefore would have to be replaced.

The same Stratovarius album opens with a track entitled “Hunting High and Low”, another song “adapted” by Yamamoto for the Budokai soundtrack as “Chōsensha-tachi “ (“The Challengers”). The song was released as Track 7 on the compilation album for the first two Budokai games, immediately following the first Stratovarius “inspiration” track. The similarities may not be as immediately noticeable as they are with the track above, but they are certainly there, and arguably more so as far more parts of the song are directly lifted from its “inspiration”.

For years upon years, it has been something of a fun pastime for fans to point out clear homages and references in Yamamoto’s music. All artists take inspiration from others and use it in their own way, but there was something different going on with Yamamoto.

Future Trunks' what if story has some remnants in the final game, as it involves him finding Broly and going to the past to warn everyone that the Legendary Super Saiyan will appear on Earth. Broly's story mode has Gohan stating is this the Legendary Super Saiyan that future Trunks told us about? which would make sense had this story been implemented in the game.

It is actually somewhat surprising that Yamamoto did not use more of his own works, or at least adaptations thereof, for Dragon Ball Kai. A few references popped up here and there, such as something ever-so-slightly resembling the Budokai 7 opening theme appearing in instrumental form during the break before the Artificial Humans would appear, and a track from the first Budokai game (“The Man Called C”) showing up pretty close to itself as a new piece of BGM.