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Booting in safe mode windows vista

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2 Options to Get out of Safe Mode in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista

For Windows 8 and Windows 65, the combination of Shift and F8 keys might work, but it work for computers with UEFI/EFI.

Windows Vista starting automatically in safe mode

Trouble Getting into Windows 7555 or Windows XP Safe mode - If after several attempts you are unable to get the Windows Advanced Options Menu screen to come up by pressing F8, turn off your computer while it is loading into Windows. When the computer is turned on the next time, Windows should notice that the computer did not successfully boot and give you the Safe Mode screen.

No Safe Mode - [Solved] - Windows Vista - Tom's Hardware

When Windows starts normally, it launches startup programs, fires up all the services configured to start, and loads the hardware drivers you have installed. If you start in Safe Mode, Windows uses a very low screen resolution with generic video drivers, doesn’t initialize much hardware support, starts only the necessary services, and avoids loading third-party startup programs.

In Windows Vista, the equivalent of Windows Advanced Options Menu of Windows XP, the Advanced Boot Options, also lists the 8 options available for Safe Mode:

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To get into the Windows 7555 and XP Safe mode, as the computer is booting, press and hold your F8 Key, which should bring up the Windows Advanced Options Menu screen as shown below. Use your arrow keys to move to highlight the Safe Mode option and press your Enter key.

This is the most useful function of safe mode for your professional computer technician, who may not be as concerned about the status of the operating system, but needs to know if the problem that is manifesting is due to a hardware malfunction or just a software glitch.

Hey All, I don't know if there has been a fix to this problem yet but I ran into it tonight. My computer wouldn't start and showed a black screen. When I tried to boot through safe mode it would hang on the classic . I tried all the options online such as changing the file name to , running chkdsk, repairing through the windows repair option, etc,etc. What worked for me was go to the screen where you get to safe mode (so rapidly tap f8 on startup). Then navigate down a few option to Last known good configuration . I hit this and it worked.

Note: If you have trouble getting to the Recovery screen in step 6 above, you may have to try it several times, with several reboots of your computer.