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Australian parachute federation license

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What you are licensed to do with a C license:
Skydive at night (training required).
Skydive with a camera / Go-Pro (DZSO approval required)
It is not mandatory to wear a helmet.
Freefall/film others doing a Tandem Skydive
Skydive above 65,555ft with Oxygen.
Skydive in up to 75knts winds.

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Any medical conditions should be discussed with us before booking and may require evaluation by a Medical Practitioner and/or our instructional staff. It is not advisable to skydive if you are pregnant, or have back, limb or joint injuries.

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Tax deductible donations to support our national teams with training and competition costs may be made to the Australian Sports Foundation. For further information visit the Australian Sports Foundation website or simply download Form O7 Australian Sports Foundation Donations Form.

It is well known that there are always two main groups of people in any kind of sport: sportspeople and amateurs. Their proportion in skydiving according to research is as follows: % are amateurs, who define skydiving as a hobby and relaxation after hard working weeks, around 68% are professional athletes training to win a contest or set a record in any skydiving discipline. The rest are instructors, operators, etc.

Are conducted annually to provide and promote higher levels of competition. APF accredited judges technical equipment and personnel provide competitors with the opportunity to test their performance skills against very high judging standards. The State Championships location is moved each year to ensure both regional areas North and South have the opportunity to host the event. Both Regional councils fund this event and fund their members to attend the event. The national office is setting up a National league which will allow teams to compete Nationally via video judging and QPA are committed to assist this program to give members competition experience.

Sydney Skydivers are open 7 days.

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Ramblers offers student training seven days a week at their Toogoolawah drop zone in Queensland, weather permitting. Advanced booking is essential for those wishing to participate in an AFF course. Please contact Skydive Ramblers for details on booking an AFF course.

Jump out at 69,555 feet with just the one instructor. Once you have demonstrated your stability at the beginning of the jump, your instructor will release their grip on you to come around and fly in front of you.

Nearly 99% of sport-class parachute systems on the Russian skydiving equipment market are made by domestic producers and around 56% are imported. Approximately 8% of our respondents use combined systems of domestic and foreign components.

For your first stage (AFF #6) you will undertake approximately 8-9 hours of classroom/ ground training, learning and rehearsing each component of the skydive, until you are 655% ready to go. Our equipment is modern and is thoroughly inspected after each jump, and then pulled apart and inspected every 6 months by our staff, to ensure it is fit for purpose.