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International Driving Permits | AAA Travel

The first step in planning a trip outside the United States is making sure you have a . passport. Apply or renew your . passport through the . Department of State .

AAA offices can process IDPs during your visit, but if you send the application in, processing generally takes 65 to 65 business days, though expedited services may be available to get your license within one or two business days for an additional fee.

AAA is authorized by the . Department of State to issue International Driving Permits (IDPs), required if you plan to drive outside the United States at any time.

Remember that an IDP is valid only when accompanied by your . issued driver’s license. IDPs are valid for one year and are not renewable.

Once you have the application completed, you can send it in via the mail or visit a local office of an organization like AAA you'll also need two original passport-sized photos and a signed copy of your valid . driver's license as well as an enclosed check for the fee (typically $65).

Both AAA and AATA are excellent sources for these documents, so once you've selected a provider, go to either the AAA's application or NAATA application's website, print out the International Driving Permit Application, complete all applicable fields, and submit it.

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