Published: 23.09.2018 22:38

Windows vista won t find wireless networks

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Resolving Connection Issues on Your Wi-Fi Network for Windows

Marisa:…This may not be the solution to your problem….if your laptop was assembled by Dell for XP and you now have Vista on it you may want to go into the Hardware Manager and check to see if VISTA recognizes your wireless ethernet card so as to install the drivers for it to allow you to connect to your wireless router. Do you have any problems connecting to a hard wired router or modem?

Lost connection and cannot view any wireless networks - Windows

I get a window that says Enter/Select Additional Log On Information. When I click on that box, I get a window that wants me to enter a user name, password, and domain name

[Fixed] Windows Vista Not Detecting Wireless Networks - How to Fix

I can see it in the list but when I try to connect it not work. Many time I start diognist & repair but still not work.

I have vista and I m trying to add wap7 security to my wireless network. I go to my router's setup page and add a password, which then appears to be saved for all of the wireless networks that are set up on my computer (that's what it looks like in Manage Wireless Networks ). Anyway, my problem is that then when I try to connect, it now asks me for username and password. But I don't know my username. There is nowhere on the router's set-up page where I can specify a username. Is it the name of the wireless network? That's not working. Any ideas on how to find out what my username is?

Selecting Manage network connections will display all network adapters installed on your System. Double clicking on any adapters will display the properties window allowing you to fully manage the adapter and the network connection.

Note : Don’t tick on Connect even if the network is not broadcasting option if possible for better security. The non-broadcasting wireless network will be show as Unnamed Network on Connect To window, you need to key in the network name (SSID) and security key in order to connect to it next time.

8. Enter Security Key or passphrase: (from the information found from your router or access point). Check Display Characters to view characters/numbers being typed. Click Connect to continue to next step.

8. Enter Security Key. Click Connect.

For Windstream modems, this password is also located on the back of the router, next to Wireless Network Key.

NOTE: Some keys/passwords are case-sensitive, make sure you use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately.

I'm not sure if this is a similar issue. Using Vista brand new Toshiba laptop and I have updated to SP6. No issues connecting with unsecure networks. My problem is I can't access the internet if there is a security (password) requirement. I never am prompted to enter the Network key. I am able to access my home network wirelessly and this was not easy I eventually stumbled and actually had to disable/enable security requirements through the router, but obviously I don't have access to another access points router. Something is probably set wrong on my system but I can't find a setting to force a password prompt if there is a secure access point. Please, someone, help.

Configuring wireless adapter to join wireless network in Windows Vista is getting easier if you compare with Windows XP. Also Vista is capable to detect non-broadcasting wireless network (hidden SSID) and you can configure it as preferred network (this feature is not supported in XP).