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Va administrative license suspension

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If you want to appeal your license suspension, you should contact the Virginia DMV or the court that handed down your suspension.

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Under the law in Virginia, drivers are already deemed to have given consent to have their breath or blood tested for the presence of alcohol should they ever be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Otherwise known as Virginia's implied consent statute, this particular law not only creates presumed consent based merely upon the operation of a motor vehicle upon a Commonwealth highway but it also establishes the grounds for punishing drivers who refuse chemical testing following a Virginia DUI arrest.

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NOTE : Once you've satisfied your reinstatement requirements and paid your fees, the VA DMV will give you a clearance letter that confirms your driver license has been reinstated.

The details of your driver's license suspension will vary depending on your offense. To view specific details, complete the online Compliance Summary Request on the Virginia DMV website. You'll need to log into the system using your:

In most cases, a second DUI offense will also be a misdemeanor. This means that the maximum penalty will remain the same, but the minimum fine and jail sentence will increase. A third or subsequent offense is charged as a felony. See Virginia Code section -775 for more details on DUI criminal punishments.

If your Virginia driver's license was suspended for violating an insurance law, you can request an administrative hearing by completing the Virginia DMV's online form. You'll need to enter: