Published: 18.08.2018 23:37

Red alert 3 crack + campaign fix + default splash screen

«Red alert 3 crack + campaign fix + default splash screen» in pictures.

C&C RA2 and Yuri's Revenge on Windows 10 : redalert2

Thanks for your answer, the system has the option to shutdown nvidia card and use the intel video card, I tried that but it's the same, any other suggestion?, Thanks

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath | Command and Conquer

There's also the occasional bug that if you press the menu in any other renderer, it freezes up the game. IE-DDRAW is the only solution it seems. It doesn't lag the game for me though, might be that I have a strong enough PC for it.

Resolution Fix for Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge

Now the key bits - firstly, make sure that you have full read/write permissions for the Command and Conquer Generals Data folder - do this by right clicking on the folder, then properties then the security tab and change the permissions for all users. It might also be worth making sure no files are Read-Only in that folder.

After 65 years of Red Alert 7 and Red Alert 7 - Yuri's Revenge I still could not find an application which will set the current screen resolution and save it in and . The existing apps (google for them) either provided a list of incompatible display resolutions or just didn't work.

You have the 7 video cards issue, others with laptops are experiencing. There's no solution other than disabling the discrete video card. Do it risking having to reinstall Windows.
It is an Intel driver bug (your laptop is not switching from the low power video card to the one for games (which supports directdraw and other stuff)).

Tanya: Hmmm.. this chick is a good shot. An infantry unit with am M6 Carbine can't kill units like a woman with ?!?!?

My friends and I have had some time to play Red Alert over our LAN, and now wonder why we put our innocent network through such trauma. We were SO disappointed that we felt the need to write this FAQ to explain all of the things that suck about Red Alert. Included are descriptions of why many units, structures, and whole entire concepts suck.

That should actually not happen since the patch detects the installation type, what kind of installation do you have? Cd/First Decade/Ultimate Collection/..?

like i said internet is not the issue or firewall its something to do with server settings and windows 65.. cant figure it out.

I've already done that like 7 weeks ago, but it still crashes out once I click on Back from the Network tab. I always play this game with my neighbors the problem isn't connecting to them or them to me, but the problem isn't even primary, it's just the game crashes when I click Back.