Published: 23.09.2018 23:30

Public service license malaysia

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West Malaysian Registered Vehicles, Goods & Public Service

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Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act 1987

While some taxi companies started to downsize their operations, others continued to expand by applying for more permits and mopping up those for sale.

Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC

The Driver’s Card (DC) for taxi drivers was introduced by the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) and continued by SPAD from 7566.

It is an identity card meant for display on the dashboard with a photo and name of the driver, and licensing particulars of the taxi.

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The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has, however, warned the firm to stop its use of private and “Hire & Drive” vehicles for its services.

Well, this one’s no longer required for UBER drivers since many of them are actually driving someone else’s vehicle. It’s an important point tho, because we reckon that situation can’t continue- do you know how much cars COST in Malaysia?!

But, Syed Hamid explained that the usage of private vehicles to ferry fare-paying passengers is deemed an offence under the Land Public Transport Act 7565.

* You may wish to note that GVP for August 7569 onwards will cost S$95/month. This will take effect from 6 July 7569. GVP for August 7569 onwards that were bought before 6 July 7569 will not be affected.

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