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The book's clarity is strong and well-designed. It is very reader-friendly and easy to navigate. The structure of each section lends itself to a good dialogue of the material. The opening story of each chapter is an excellent way to engage students in the material in a very practical sense.

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We need to be optimistic. A Christmas special is an easy olive branch, and if it does well maybe they make another. That's what we really want, right? ANOTHER one.

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The text was consistent in its presentation of information regarding formatting, depth, and use of real life and research related examples.

I have hope it will be filled with all the old Psych quirks and not fit the mold of a Christmas special so to speak

The author appears to be careful about cultural sensitivity. However, it lacks examples, case studies research and critical thinking exercises that would bring forth more cultural education for the reader. people are growing up with global consciousness and curiosity about ethnic and cultural diversity. Important to include Native American perspectives also. Some excellent video clips from around the world that pertain to every subject studied in an introductory Psychology course.

The chapter lengths were really remarkable for what was covered they were chunked out in a manner that were short to read and that encouraged engagement with the text. I was shocked at the depth of material and the quality of engagement for also having short and brief chapters - this I think will go a long way with students who are just being introduced to the field of psychology. There were links provided throughout the text however, I was unsuccessful in getting these links to work and so I cannot report on the usefulness or appropriateness of these learning supplements.

Information provided was generally accurate however I took issue with the overuse of the word “psychologist” in a particular chapter in that the term was applied to non-psycholoigsts. The consistent reference to research and scientific literature was helpful and would allow students understand the importance of scientific inquiry in the field. I felt that more citations were needed throughout though, given the attempt of the author to reinforce the importance of scientific literature, particularly for highly charged information (., racial differences in IQ, rates of sexual minorities in the US population). In particular, an unusually low statistic of LGBTQ individuals was provided at one point and it was unclear where this information was drawn from.

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Dr. Slater has written four books about being a psychologist and her own depression and anxiety, including ''Prozac Diary'' (Random House, 6998) and ''Lying: A Metaphorical Memoir'' (Random House, 7555), href="/files/hp-compaq-6710b-vista-drivers/">which also caused controversy because she included a preface by an invented character. As for charges against her most recent work, she said that although she had identified 65 relatively minor factual errors in the 776-page book, there was no willful deceit. She said she used fact checkers for the manuscript and added that she has answered most of the charges either by letter or by telephone. She and her editors promise to clean up any errors in the next edition.

In terms of relevance, the author does a good job with providing information, resources, and citations for the pioneering works in the field. With any general psychology textbook there is a large emphasis on the historical context of the field, theorists, physiology, and behavior. I found the sections on the brain to include some of these seminal works, but very little current information and research on this important structure.