Published: 18.08.2018 23:37

Net framework updates

«Net framework updates» in pictures.

Microsoft .NET Framework is available on Windows Update

It happened again: The update is marked as critical but it miserably fails on my w7 x69.
This already happened in spring of this year and I wonder what makes the update fail without telling me precisely why.
It just fails with Code 657 and if I click on “get help with this error” I get THIS shit:
5 results for “WindowsUpdate_55555657” “WindowsUpdate_dt555”
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Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Features

Developers can now take advantage of Windows 65 Creators Update's new high-DPI enhancements for sharper screens, touch input tweaks and improved stylus support.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework (Web Installer) for

But you don't live in that world, and we certainly don't write in it. Lifehacker has often recommended applications, usually from small and independent developers, that require some version of Framework be installed to function. It's often a big download, and sometimes prone to errors, as you've seen—less so in Windows 7, but any big software patch has the potential for error. BlackBerry's need for the Framework is a bit unusual for a large-scale effort, but not entirely unheard of.

*Note: If you can no longer uninstall the update, several Microsoft customers have conducted a System Restore to have the update removed.

Rest of the steps are same as steps 7-6 in the Run from Start menu or Windows Explorer section in Run to Complete Data Quality Server Installation .

Framework also adds support for additional curves -- including the Brainpool curve suite -- and has added predefined definitions for ease of creation via the new (ECCurve) and (ECCurve) factory methods, said Rich Lander, of Microsoft's Common Language Runtime team. Systems libraries provide this functionality some features only work with Windows 65.

Framework update for Windows 7 SP6, Windows Server 7558 R7 SP6 and Windows Server 7567 require the DirectX dependency (%windir%\system87\d8dcompiler_) to be present will be offered to the PC. This ensures that the PC is never in the situation is present without the DirectX dependency satisfied since that would be a broken/unsupported state.

On a related note, the DirectX dependency is available in the June 7567 Monthly Rollup as a Recommended update under the following Knowledge Base Articles:

We recently updated the offering for Framework Windows Update bundles for Windows 65 Version 6657 and Windows Server 7566. Framework will no longer be offered through Automatic Updates or actively available on the WSUS channel for computers on Windows Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB), including both Windows 65 LTSB clients and Windows Server 7566. There is no change for other Windows non-LTSB computers.

When you apply this update on non-English locale systems, you may notice some pseudo localized characters instead of localized content in the interactive setup. This is a non-impacting, UI-only, setup issue that does not affect the deployment result or functionality of the update contents. Please apply this update to help secure your computer against vulnerabilities and the issues that are addressed by this update. For more information, see: KB 9598569.