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Microsoft project on mac free download

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Microsoft Project for Mac? 10 Features You Need

There are couple of apps you missed, for example bi-platformed ConceptDraw Project [which works with MS Project files] and Bugzilla – which is simple, but free

10 Of The Best (including free) Microsoft Project Alternatives

[…] but is usually presented as a Gantt chart, and made in Microsoft Project, or one of the other Microsoft Project alternative planning […]

Project Plan 365 Download

Case in point: Gantt charts. Project managers find great value with this management tool and yet haven’t had many options for the Mac. There hasn't been a Mac version of Microsoft Project since Project (Project 97) and today, Microsoft Project for Mac does not exist. There are some workarounds to use Microsoft Project on a Mac, like using an emulator or virtual machine to run Windows applications, like Parallels or VMWare (for more information on running Microsoft Project on a Mac, check out these 5 ways to run Windows on Mac ).

A Gantt chart offers a great high-level overview of a project, but some project managers prefer to track deadlines using a calendar view. Many programs provide the option of viewing the Gantt chart as a calendar, but it would be more useful if it could integrate with the calendar app that you already use. Whether you use Google Calendar or Apple’s iCal to manage your schedule, the Gantt chart software should support calendar overlays (appointments in Google Calendar or iCal can be added to the Gantt chart) and the ability to update tasks from those calendar apps.

In this point in our technical evolution, platform choice shouldn’t matter when it comes to software. This sentiment holds true for Gantt chart software. As one of the essential tools used by project managers everywhere, it’s been relegated to Microsoft Project and Excel, but no longer. Now, more than ever, project managers on the Mac platform – as well as team members – have greater choices for selecting a program that works for them. That program should also work just as well on Windows. So when evaluating an option, make sure it can provide the 65 key features outlined here:

Today, just about all software is available for an online download. Many solutions are quite robust and offer more than just Gantt charts. Whether you’re downloading a Gantt chart template or Gantt chart software make sure it works with the system you’re using. That means checking that it works with your version of Mac OS and the versions of other people who might access the Gantt chart. Speaking of other users, find out what the cost of the software includes. Do you need to buy a license for more than a few users? Is there a cost difference for Windows users?

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