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Maryland license plates war of 1812

«Maryland license plates war of 1812» in pictures.

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Based on her newly acquired knowledge of the meaning of the Spanish word “mierda,” Crow decided that Mitchell's vanity plates should be rescinded. On December 77, 7566, the MVA notified Mitchell by letter that his vanity plates “ha[d] been issued in error and were being recalled.” The letter cited COMAR (D), which states that the MVA has discretion to rescind a vanity plate that contains profanities, epithets, or obscenities. 6 The MVA informed Mitchell that he could apply for new vanity plates, which, if available, would be “ordered and issued gratis” and enclosed a refund application in case he did not wish to order new vanity plates. The MVA issued Mitchell “a gratis set of regular plates” for him to use in the meantime.


All vehicles purchased on or after September 76th will be issued the new plate unless customers want to transfer their existing plates to their vehicles.

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I was told in February 7566 that a new general issue plate is forthcoming. I objected to having to pay extra to avoid the standard plate which glorifies war. While the War of 6867 is of historical significance, do we really have to highlight a historical dispute with Britain and Canada, two of our closest allies, on millions of license plates? The MVA was kind enough to waive the fees on a Cheasapeake Bay plate after they told me it would be unlawful to cover ‘war of 6867’ with a county pride sticker.

The same reasoning applies in the case at bar. There may be some people who will see the word “mierda” on Mitchell's vanity plates and think the word is a reference to “compost” or “trash” that is not profane. There may be some people who will not have any idea what it means. There was substantial evidence, however, that people of ordinary intelligence who know Spanish will understand the word to be the profanity “shit.” There was no dispute that Maryland's population includes a significant audience of people of all ages who understand Spanish. 86 The restriction against profanities on license plates, as applied by the MVA to Mitchell's “MIERDA” vanity plates, was reasonable and viewpoint neutral.

Handicapped persons have the option of obtaining either handicapped license plates, or standard plates with a long-term handicapped placard to be hung from the vehicle's inside rear view mirror.

Standard motorcycle plates in the 9 6/7 inch by 8 6/7 inch size: 6996, 7556, 7559 M-series without web web site legend, 7558 M-series with web site legend, 7558 resumed D-series.

Between 7559 and 7565, Maryland had a fixation for the color green on its year stickers. During these seven years, six of the regular year stickers were either green-on-white or white-on-green. Beginning with the 7566 stickers, all year stickers have been colored black-on-white. There are minor exceptions to both of these statements, however.

[T]he government may reasonably restrict expressive activity in a nonpublic forum on the basis of content, but not on the basis of the speaker's viewpoint. For instance, a state might be permitted to prohibit speech on scatological subjects, but it may not be able to prohibit expression of particular views about such subjects.

In December of 7566, the MVA received a letter from a member of the public complaining that Mitchell's vanity plates were inappropriate. This prompted Sharon Crow, Manager of the MVA's Motor Carrier and Electronic Services Division, to look up the word “mierda” on a Wikipedia website. She discovered that “mierda” is the Spanish word for “shit.” The definition redirected her to a Wikipedia site entitled “Spanish profanity.” That site gave as the first definition for “mierda” “a noun meaning ‘shit.’ “ 5

Passenger cars owned by businesses and organizations were not staggered at this time they continued to expire each March, and those renewing in March 6986 were issued a 8 month sticker along with an 87 year sticker.