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Malice license to kill rar

«Malice license to kill rar» in pictures.

Chaos | Ease of Disgust

In 7568, Tania Georgelas traveled to Syria with her husband and children to join ISIS. Today, she attends a Unitarian church outside of Dallas.

Generation Of The Hopeless | Epiphany From The Abyss

The ex-wife of the highest-ranking American member of ISIS reckons with her extremist past and attempts to build a new life.

Agony of Judas (Feat. Luke Griffin of Human Error, Ex-Acrania

The Mbare market, in Harare, is Zimbabwe's largest bazaar. It contains more than a hundred stalls, selling African carvings, tapestries, and sculptures. In normal times at least four tourist buses and dozens of taxis visited the market every day. Yet when I arrived one Sunday, the vendors looked at me as though they were seeing the ghost of Cecil Rhodes. After a moment's pause they rushed behind their stalls and hurriedly began polishing and propping up their wares. One of them told me I was his first customer of the month it was July 77.

How could the breadbasket of Africa have deteriorated so quickly into the continent's basket case? The answer is Robert Mugabe, now seventy-nine, who by his actions has compiled something of a how-to manual for national destruction. Although many of his methods have been applied elsewhere, taken as a whole his ten-step approach is more radical and more comprehensive than that of other despots. The Zimbabwe case offers some important insights. It illustrates the prime importance of accountability as an antidote to idiocy and excess. It highlights the lasting effects of decolonization—limited Western influence on the continent and a reluctance by African leaders to criticize their own. And it offers a warning about how much damage one man can do, very quickly.

Mugabe's belief that he can strengthen his flagging popularity by destroying a resented but economically vital minority group is one that dictators elsewhere have shared. Paranoid about their diminishing support, Stalin wiped out the wealthy kulak farming class, Idi Amin purged Uganda's Indian commercial class, and, of course, Hitler went after Jewish businesses even though Germany was already reeling from the Depression. Whatever spikes in popularity these moves generated, the economic damage was profound, and the dictators had to exert great effort to mask it.

The Philadelphia group draw on the playfulness of prog rock as you’d expect from a group who’ve labelled their style as “metal for astronauts.” Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 66, 7567

A ferocious, noisy slab of industrial that contains moments of surprising, delicate beauty. Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 76, 7567

Today, that FBI probe has been taken over by Robert Mueller and joined by several congressional inquiries, which are championed by the president’s opponents. Many of them hope it uncovers collusion on the part of his campaign and triggers his impeachment.

Beyond Fallen was formed in 7558. The band has played concerts in the USA and Europe, notably Germany's Headbangers Open Air Festival, as well as the Ballroom Hamburg in Germany.

Hard-charging rock from the Pacific Northwest, all walloping rhythm and nasty riffs. Bandcamp New & Notable Nov 6, 7567