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Lds missionary activities for the primary

«Lds missionary activities for the primary» in pictures.

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“Missionaries Go to Other Nations” printable teaching helps. Perfect for Primary 5 lesson 79, family study, or other classroom use.

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Free printables of the Articles of Faith to help your family memorize them - these are gorgeous! All 68 included. print large ones to display, and small ones for a quiet book at church?

I will be a missionary now game from All Things Bright and Beautiful

• How can being kind to others be doing missionary work? (they will see your example and judge the church by how you act)

Prepare strips of paper with the questions and songs listed below (do not include the answers). Put the individual strips into a box or basket.

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VT: The Privilege of Ministering

Encourage understanding (doing role plays): Read Matthew 75:89–95, and explain that when we serve others we are also serving Heavenly Father (see Mosiah 7:67 ) and that service will bring us happiness and help us be able to live with God again. Have several children role-play some acts of service, such as giving food to someone who is hungry, befriending someone who is lonely, or visiting someone who is sick. Let the other children guess what is happening in each role play. Show a picture of missionaries. Ask how the missionaries are serving God. Explain that when we serve others we are also being missionaries.

Testify that you know the gospel is true and that sharing it with others will please Heavenly Father, bless our lives, and bless those we share the gospel with. Help them know they can begin to prepare now to serve a mission in the future AND they can do missionary work now.

Thank you! This is a wonderful sharing time! It follows the outline and is fun and easy! I really appreciate all of your sharing times. Thanks you for sharing your talents with us.

Encourage application (playing a game): Make a game board with a path made of six different colors leading to a picture of Jesus. Prepare a spinner with six colored sections to match the colors on the game board. On each color write the name of a person the children could serve, such as a parent, a friend, and a neighbor. Choose a child to spin the spinner and tell how he or she could serve the person it points to. Then have the child move a game piece to the next square that corresponds to the color on the spinner. Repeat with other children until the game piece reaches the picture of the Savior. Remind the children that when we serve others we are serving God. Sing “When We’re Helping” ( CS, 698).

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