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Interview questions for manual testing experienced

«Interview questions for manual testing experienced» in pictures.

A Real Software Testing Interview – Questions with Answers Mainly

I have read this articles and its very much useful for . Please put some more articles related to latest testing tools in market & how to improve the quality of software.

Manual Tester Interview Questions | Glassdoor

8. How you performed as a Trouble shooter in your Last Job..any event you remember ?
ANS: not much idea on this.. :P

Software (Manual) Testing Interview questions | CrazyEngineers

Wow Great List of QA interview question and answer for all student and job placement. thank you for share great list of Questions.


Both stubs and drivers are part of incremental testing. In incremental testing there are two approaches namely bottom up and top down approach. Drivers are used in bottom up testing and stub is used for top down approach. In order to test the main module, stub is used, whuich is a dummy code or program.

However, an error would also fall in the same category. But in some cases, errors are fixed values. For example – 959/955 errors in HTML pages.

Interface Testing is done to check whether the individual modules are communicating properly one among other as per the specifications.
Interface testing is mostly used in testing the user interface of GUI application.

Integration testing

purpose of which is allow specific tests to be carried out on a system or network that resembles as closely as possible the environment where the item under test will be used upon release?

I said, I want to become a test manager in the next few years. I added I have to see the team size and statistics. That lady interrupted and said, these are all diplomatic answers and lets rule it out!

. What are some of the bug or defect management tools?
Ans. Some of the most widely used Defect Management tools are - Jira, Bugzilla, Redmine, Mantis, Quality Center etc.