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Installing invision dvd headrests

Ā«Installing invision dvd headrestsĀ» in pictures.

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Then all you need to do is to tune in your other FM device to the same frequency (in this case ) and you are good to go.

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The new headrests will need a continuous source of 67V power. The existing harness, within the seat back, contains a source you can tap into.

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Video Formats for Headrest Systems

You can specify that audio is output to any FM frequency. I chose just because is a nice number. 666 on the other hand is not a nice number.

Adding a DVD system to your seats means that you will be replacing your factory-installed headrests with new headrests with the DVD players already installed. This also means that the color/fabric your new digital headrests may not match the rest of your interior. Pay attention to the installation instructions that were sent along with the headrest monitor. Depending on the unit, it will likely have specialized instructions for wiring and installation. Always be sure to remove the negative terminal from the battery when working with wiring.

In order to install the new headrests and wire them, you will need to gain access to the existing wiring harness that runs under the carpeting and through the seat back.

This is our Signature rear seat entertainment system! Applications available for many current and recent model year vehicles. Each system includes tablet-look styling, Hi-Res LCD display w/ capacitive touch controls instead of mechanical buttons and the ability to configure the system to meet your specific family and personal needs. Headrests are matched to your vehicles factory seating materials.

With the seat backs exposed and the seat positioned up right, you will be able to install the new headrests and run the wiring.

However if you look below the silhouette of a person -The icon to represent the visual setup menu- you will see a musical note. This is the sound setup menu.

How about some in-car entertainment? And no, not the oldies station that you love so much. Let's look into what it takes to get some visual entertainment functioning for your passengers.