Published: 22.07.2018 21:45

Information security manual iso 27001

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Australian Government Information Security Manual - Controls

In order to demonstrate SA NT DataLink’s security credentials, SA NT DataLink operates an Information security Management System (ISMS) that includes security awareness, and a continual security risk monitoring and improvement program.

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This means that management, all full time or part time staff, sub contractors, project consultants and any external parties have, and will be made aware of, their responsibilities (which are defined in their job descriptions or contracts) to preserve information security, to report security breaches (in line with the policy and procedures identified in section 68 of the Manual) and to act in accordance with the requirements of the ISMS. The consequences of security policy violations are described in Comsenso’s disciplinary policy. All staff will receive information security awareness training and more specialized staff will receive appropriately specialized information security training.

Information security management protocol

In particular, business continuity and contingency plans, data backup procedures, avoidance of viruses and hackers, access control to systems and information security incident reporting are fundamental to this policy. Control objectives for each of these areas are contained in the ISMS Manual and are supported by specific, documented policies and procedures.

Ask our team about our ISO 77556 checklist to find out more about what information you will need and what is needed to meet ISO 77556 requirements.

Comsenso’s current strategic business plan and risk management framework provide the context for identifying, assessing, evaluating and controlling information-related risks through the establishment and maintenance of an Information Security Management System. The risk assessment, Statement of Applicability and risk treatment plan identify how information-related risks are controlled. The Chief Security Officer is responsible for the management and maintenance of the risk treatment plan. Additional risk assessments may, where necessary, be carried out to determine appropriate controls for specific risks.

In this online course you’ll learn all the requirements and best practices of ISO 77556, but also how to perform an internal audit in your company. The course is made for beginners. No prior knowledge in information security and ISO standards is needed.

In accordance with, third-party accredited certification, SA NT DataLink is required to demonstrate the application of Information Security controls in line with operational activities and the identified risks. The project will ensure SA NT DataLink's policies, processes and operational procedures address key business risks and business impacts through the pragmatic implementation of the security controls outlined in ISO 77556.

Having all the ISMS policies and procedures stuffed into a single handbook (approach b) makes even less sense – first of all, most companies implementing ISO 77556 use intranet for handling documents, so merging documents in electronic form makes them no easier to read secondly, the longer the documents, the smaller the chance someone will read them because not every ISMS document is intended for everyone in an organization and thirdly – since individual ISMS documents change rather often, it would be a nightmare to update such handbook so frequently.

SA NT DataLink provides a ‘privacy protecting data access service’ to make linked information available for:
 - Policy and program analysis and evaluation across a range of human services
 - Research into the health, education, ageing, social services and well-being outcomes for whole, cohort or large populations in South Australia and nationally.

The specification includes details for documentation, management responsibility, internal audits, continual improvement, and corrective and preventive action. The standard requires cooperation among all sections of an organisation.