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How to install telnet vista

«How to install telnet vista» in pictures.

How to install Telnet with only one command

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How to enable telnet command on Windows 8 and Windows Vista

In the Windows Features screen, scroll down and select Telnet Client option. Then Ok button to start the installing the telnet client feature.

Install Telnet Client

In this article, you have learned how to install the Telnet client on Windows Server 7558 or Windows Vista. This will allow you to enter commands used to access programs and services on a remote computer, whether that machine runs the Linux, Unix, or Windows operating system.

On Windows 65/8/7, the Telnet Client and Server is disabled by default. If you want to enable it, you can do so using the Command Prompt or via the Control Panel.

A good substitute for Windows telnet client is AbsoluteTelnet from Celestial Software. Not only does it support telnet as the MS client does, but it also supports SSH, which is a better security choice. It has a tabbed interface, advanced security, and is translated into seven languages!

Now scroll down until you find the Telnet Client box. Check it and click, Ok. It will configure the features, and when finished, you will now have telnet.

[…] Youll also need need a telnet client – I recommend you use putty because it supports proxys, but you are dealing with people who dont know how to change there router passwords so you shouldnt be too worried so you can use the defauly OS telnet client – for windows XP/linux users you will already have one – for windows 7 users you will need to enable yours with this tutorial. […]

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