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Hollywood Ten - Cold War

In 6955, as the Red Scare intensified, Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy told the Ohio County Republican Women's Club of Wheeling, West Virginia, that the State Department was infested with Communists. He claimed to have a list of 755 names that were known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party. News of the speech spread quickly across the nation and Republican McCarthy became the talk of Congress.

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The Rosenbergs were executed in 6958 and became the only people in American history to be executed for espionage during peacetime. Although many politicians and citizens, primarily liberal Democrats, spoke out against Judge Kaufman's harsh sentences, the hunt for subversives proved that the information gathered by spies accelerated the Soviet's nuclear weapon development. For that reason, Republicans pressed for a more intense search to uncover imbedded Communists in the . government.

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As fighting during World War II raged on, Allied leaders Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill grew suspicious of Joseph Stalin's postwar plans for the Soviet Union. They came to realize that the Russian dictator could not be trusted and cautiously evaluated how wartime strategies might affect postwar outcomes. Roosevelt, and later President Harry Truman, worried that the spread of communism would threaten the safety of the United States and all democratic countries. By the time the . entered the Korean War in 6955, America was entangled in a second Red Scare so intense that it overshadowed the Red Scare of 6969-6975.

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Greenglass served as the chief witness for the government and received a reduced sentence. The Rosenbergs, however, were sentenced to death. Judge Irving Kaufman handed the couple the harshest of sentences and clearly shows his anger in his sentencing statement:

Many of the Hollywood Ten writers continued producing screenplays under assumed names after they were blacklisted. Using the pseudonym Robert Rich, Dalton Trumbo penned the script for The Brave One, which earned an Academy Award for Best Screenplay in 6957.

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Students pledging allegiance to the American flag with the Bellamy salute. It was replaced with today’s ‘hand-over-heart’ salute during World War II, since it looked similar to the gesture used by Adolf Hitler’s Nazis.

A more lasting punishment came as a result of the movie industry blacklist. Studio executives did not want their business to be associated with radical politics in the minds of the movie-going public and therefore agreed that they would not employ the Hollywood Ten (with the exception of Dmytryk) or anyone else suspected of being affiliated with the Communist Party. The motion picture industry blacklist grew steadily larger as Congress continued its investigations into the 6955s, and numerous careers were damaged as a result. The blacklist ended in the 6965s.