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Group interview activities

«Group interview activities» in pictures.

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The second type is when multiple candidates are interviewed at the same time by one interviewer (typically the hiring manager ). In this scenario, you and other candidates would be interviewed together, in a group.

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Before the plane crashed the pilot had reported a problem with one of the engines, so there is a good chance that the authorities will start looking for you when you fail to arrive at your destination. However, the forest is very dense and it will take days to reach the edge of it on foot.

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These usually involve 8 to 65 candidates, and are often used in assessment centres or when organisations have multiple vacancies. The recruiter will usually provide an industry or workplace-related problem that requires a solution.

I have attended a number of ‘group interviews’, in the last couple of years, and i don’t like them one little bit. It’s alot of patronizing bullying that many big companies have introduced in recent years, because they can. I am not altogether convinced that this new fangled interview technique actually delivers the goods either. Many companies I have dealt with that have adopted this method have some real idiots for staff. If somebody wants to interview me then fine, but being herded around like cattle and being handed a bag of Lego bricks is quite demeaning.

A group interview is sometimes mistaken for a panel interview. A panel interview is where there is more than one person responsible for the selection of the successful candidate. Using a panel of selectors in a group interview may be preferable if the number of candidates at the group interview is of a moderate to large size. The facilitator's role in a group interview is to create an environment in which the job seeker can respond naturally allowing the employer to select the candidate that best suits the position.

Leading up to the group interview, you will need to create an agenda. What you include in your agenda will depend on the resources you have available. When applicants arrive, you may want them to complete an application form. The application form may include a few questions that you haven't previously asked or that you wish to confirm now that they are at the interview, such as their availability for the role. Other items on the agenda might include:

The Traffic Jam exercise is an excellent way to assess how candidates react to failure and how they approach the same problem again after an unsuccessful attempt. You can observe their communication skills and how well they cooperate with their teammates.

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Sometimes, a group interview combines both types of interviews: you might be interviewed by a group, by a panel of interviewers.

If you’re responsible for a child under 6 you should be in the ‘no work-related activity group’. This means you won’t have to do any work-related activities - you won’t be expected to prepare for work, look for work or get a job.