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Furlbrow s pumpkin patch

«Furlbrow s pumpkin patch» in pictures.

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Złodzieje z Bractwa wiodą tutaj satysfakcjonujący żywot. Niewielu członków żyje w samym Moonbrook, prawdopodobnie jako strażnicy. Większość kryje się w korytarzach Martwych Kopalni, które Bractwo przekształciło na swoją podziemną fortecę.

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“Looks like we got ourselves a real ‘whodunit’ here, rookie. Unfortunately it looks like the locals aren’t willing to talk and the clues you got off the Gnolls and Murlocs are damn near worthless.”

Hi buckeye! Smart move keeping away from the dungeons at level 69! I ended up doing it all in dungeons myself and luckily had no issues. Helping people through Deadmines was very generous of you, sadly that help is limited to people you come across. As of such I made a post like this instead, and also helping people I happened to come across while leveling up myself.

And the big glowing green Z is because there is (hard to tell) a human female sleeping on the bear rug. NPC’s had animated green Z’s coming from them, and you seem to have caught it when the Z was REALLY high above the model.

For the sake of realism I've done the whole thing without Heirlooms (basically gear that gives you more experience than normally), so I could get some realistic leveling times among other things. This guide is built on feedback from several new players on their experience with leveling up to 75 for the first time. What they thought was confusing, annoying, or not knowing where to go next. That has all been included in this guide, with screenshots of places that could otherwise cause confusion. When using this guide, please leave feedback as that will help to make it even better. Thank you :)

Updated guide w/ all suggestions.

You're correct with the 6-67 tamers. I'm not sure why I had access to them so early, but you can't see them anymore until you pass the entire continent. Thanks again.

I don’t want to stray into political territory or derail, but, yes, of course you can be a homeless citizen far away from home. There’s masses of homeless Syrian citizens around here (there’s a refugee camp across the road from my work).

Running dungeons like you did now can be a pretty big part of WoW, and I personally found those elements to be the most fun. These kinds of Dungeons keeps going all the way to max level - with different and unique themes for different levels. Once you've hit max-level you can start doing something called raiding! It's basically a VERY big dungeon, with much harder bosses and harder mobs running around. Instead of being 5 however, you'll consist of a team of around 75 players! The layout is similar albeit different numbers: 7 tanks, 9-5 healers and the rest as damage dealers.