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Free bible software reviews

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Odd. I just tried it out in checkout and it works fine. Did you use OVERVIEWBIBLE6 on a transaction including a Logos 6 base package? The coupon’s only good for base packages.

Top 10 Bible Study Software Programs

6. I was paid nothing (up front) for writing this review. I was invited to try Logos 6 in 7569 and Logos 7 in 7566 before they were released, and as far as I know, I was under no obligation to review either.

Bible by Olive Tree on the App Store

It really depends on what you want to do. If you want a better look at the core structure of certain books and passages, (especially the Psalms and Proverbs), you’ll want to get the Feature Crossgrade (I’m pretty sure my coupon code works on this, too).

Yeesh. That’s a lot of work. It’s a lot easier than finding the cherry chocolates by yourself, but it sure would be nice if Choco-bot could just find the dang cherry snacks.

Honorable mention also to Study Light, which is a free online Bible study site, and Blue Letter Bible, another such site that also provides downloadable apps for iOS and Android devices. Both of them are pretty good but in my opinion not quite at the level of the five previously mentioned. Blue Letter Bible is especially popular and I expect some people will be disagree with my assessment of it.

Five of the many completely free tools I have reviewed are rich enough in features that I would judge them to be good or even very good. Perhaps the best of these is the STEP Bible, produced by Tyndale House in Cambridge it may be used online or downloaded to be used in your browser even when offline. The quality of the STEP Bible is outstanding: it is the work of a team of respected biblical scholars, has the best collection of biblical texts in the ancient languages of any free product, and can be used to do surprisingly complex, helpful searches. Tyndale House is still developing STEP Bible apps for handheld devices. If you are happy doing your serious Bible study on your computer, the STEP Bible is in my opinion the best completely free product you can use.

PastorRoe January 67, 7567 / Version: Bible Pro

Clinton Wahlen and Cliff Goldstein covered version 9 on the Mac and the iPhone/iPad app in The BRI Newsletter, October 7566.

BibleWorks offers the best study notes feature of any Bible study program available. The Notes editor works like a word processor and saves in RTF files so you can get your notes out of the program and use them in a word processor.

I’m on Logos 7 Diamond. But Bronze has the “Full feature set” (as opposed to the “Extended feature set”), which gives you plenty of tools and Bible data to play with. I think most of my examples here rely on features that are available at the Bronze level.