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Fdny license plate frame

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Operators of red light cameras say it's nearly impossible to effectively shield a license plate from their lenses and software.

Firefighter Personalized License Plate Frames, Covers and Holders

A popular breed of license plate shield is allowing motorists to evade tickets and tolls even though the plastic cover appears transparent.

Fire department city of new york study material for the examination for

There is nothing illegal about a piece of plastic or license plate cover. The illegal part would be putting it on a vehicle that is on public roads where it is prohibited.

Peruse any parking lot in Suffolk County, and you will likely find a bumper crop of license plate violations. They include missing plates, characters painted over or scratched off, and others hidden by tinted Plexiglas.

The statement goes on to explain that the act of covering a license plate with clear plastic is not illegal if the vehicle is not driven on public streets.

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“New York State Law bans anything placed over a vehicle’s license plate or including only having once license plate,” Candelaria said.

The I-Team also spotted PhotoMaskCovers or similar devices on a Jeep displaying an FDNY placard and a Chrysler parked in a spot reserved for employees of the Nassau County Police Department.

Dark, tinted or curved covers make the license plates impossible to read. And yet, they are sold overtly in stores and online – marketed as the antidote to red-light cameras.