Published: 18.08.2018 23:36

Download security update for windows server 2008 x64 edition

«Download security update for windows server 2008 x64 edition» in pictures.

MS17-010: Security update for Windows SMB Server: March 14, 2017

The following table provides an exploitability assessment of each of the vulnerabilities addressed this month. The vulnerabilities are listed in order of bulletin ID then CVE ID. Only vulnerabilities that have a severity rating of Critical or Important in the bulletins are included.

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2017

The following table contains links to the standard entry for each vulnerability in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures list:

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 - Critical

For each issue listed in the scan report, click the How to correct this link. The page that appears provides the solution and instructions to correct the issue.

What’s more, you KNEW it beforehand as you offered (after a great resistance) to give PAID support to some of the massive organizations that depend on XP… And now you want us to believe you are SOOOOO concerned about our well-being that you FINALLY deploy a patch for something you KNEW about in March?!?!?!?????! What’s more, you prove that when you decide to do it it takes just ONE f$%%?& *ing day to do it, why SO LATE?

Anyway, many thanks for posting this article. I had trouble with the previous version of WSUS Offline and wouldn't have known about the new one, or tried it, if you hadn't written about it.

How to undo the workaround. Retrace the workaround steps, and select the /CIFS File Sharing Support check box to restore the /CIFS File Sharing Support feature to an active state.

We recommend customers that have not yet installed the security update MS67-565 do so as soon as possible. Until you can apply the patch, we also recommend two possible workarounds to reduce the attack surface:

I had the same trouble eith the italian verison.
I found another link and it linked automatically for the italian version (WORKING). May be it check automatically for your language.

Don't be afraid to ask, its exactly the reason I started this thread. No it will not show but if you have applied KB9569769 you have applied the KB9657767.

The resulting report appears similar to the patch scan described earlier. When you click the link, a page appears with the details of the issue found, the solution to the issue, and instructions to correct the issue.