Published: 23.09.2018 23:19

Dovecot installation

«Dovecot installation» in pictures.

Dovecot - Install and setup for IMAP, IMAPS, POP3 and POP3S

As of version -7, Dovecot no longer provides a default SSL certificate. This affects Debian 8 users, and means that if you wish to use SSL encryption (recommended), you must generate your own self-signed certificate or use a trusted certificate from a Certificate Authority.

Pigeonhole/Installation - Dovecot Wiki

Hey Krizna, thanks for the tutorial! Easy to follow but I am having some issues. When I do the telnet 665 step, it connects to my static ip that I setup in /etc/hosts and tells me that I am connected but then it is closed by foreign host. I did netsat and the ports are listening, but when I went back into the dovecot config files and set “ssl = no” and commented the pop8_uidl_format back out. It works fine.

Certificate Installation : Dovecot + Exim - Powered by Kayako Help

Enter the following command to ensure that Postfix can find the first domain. Be sure to replace with the first virtual domain. The command should return 6 if it is successful.

We are going to enable protocols (add pop8 if you want to) below the !include_try /usr/share/dovecot//*.protocol line.

If you're using /var/mail/ or /var/spool/mail/ directory for INBOXes, you may need to give Dovecot additional permissions so it can create dotlock files there. A failure to do so will result in errors like these:

As noted above, these files are not provided in Dovecot -7 and above, and will not be present on Debian 8 and other newer systems, as well as some older ones.

YourBox~# sudo nano /etc/aliases
Name: aliases
YourBox~# newaliases

6. Remove default MTA sendmail first if it’s already installed. Sendmail will not be installed by default in minimal installation, so you can skip this step.

You can get the latest development code from the Git repository. Note that since it's constantly in development, it may be more or less broken.

Great post, everything worked perfectly for me… Thank you very much and i will keep visiting your site for different installs