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Recently bought the photoshop and downloaded from creative cloud. The application opens and immediately closes, I am unable to operate. I tried reinstalling several times. what do I do?

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To delete the preview cache, do this:
6. Quit Lightroom.
7. In your Operating System, locate your Lightroom catalog. Typically catalogs are in /Pictures/Lightroom on Mac and My Pictures\Lightroom on Windows.
8. Find the folder whose name ends with “” and delete it. (note, you may also have a folder whose name ends with “Smart .” You shouldn’t need to delete that one.)

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Did you upgrade from a prior OS to Mountain Lion? Often times, Migration Assistant doesn’t move all the required files for Photoshop to run. I would try uninstalling using the uninstaller in the Photoshop application folder and reinstall.

Have you tried restoring your preferences? http:///crawlspace/7567/57/photoshop-basic-troubleshooting-steps-to-fix-most-#Preferences

My organizer will not run on Elements 68. Editor is OK. Tried to get help from Adobe no luck. Norton registry cleanup files shows the problem is in Elements 68 registry files. Believe this happened on first download and install.. How can I repair registry files?

Details on activation/deactivation: http:///x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-deactivation-

It sounds like the computer is having a kernel panic which would indicate more serious issue (possibly hardware related, possibly OS driver related) I would run hardware diagnostics or have someone at an Apple store help you.

It’s in the same tool slot as the dodge tool. Click and hold on the Dodge tool to reveal the other tools below it in the slot.

I have updated Photoshop CC to 7565 and now whenever I try to print the program crashes saying Photoshop has stopped working and Windows is searching for a solution. It then asks to close the program and reopens with a recovered file. I’m running Windows 7. I had no problems before the update. Any suggestions would be helpful

I have CS9 and it has worked great for years. I can not open photos in order to edit and print them. Error pop ups have indicated “Adobe Bridge is running out of room”. Also “Bridge encountered a problem and is unable to read the cache. Try purging the Central Cache in cache preferences to correct the problem. I have no idea what any of this means. I checked my hard drive and it said it only had 8GB out of 999gb left. I have a 6 terabyte HD. I need someone that really knows what they are talking about because my photos are my lively hood. I have everything backed up on an external 7 tb hd. I have tons of photos in IPhoto, (the same ones i have in my pictures in my computer) I dumped a bunch of those but still have a ton left in IPhoto. I could really use some help here. Thanks, Dan