Published: 18.08.2018 23:37

Coolscan 5000 driver windows 7

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Product Archive - SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED

After a few months with W65, and shutting down all it's privacy features, I installed my Nikon Coolscan V, and discovered, like others, that it was a doorstop. saved the day, and I used it a few times. After a W65 update or two, I then discovered that I had to do the entire digital signature procedure again, and install , as the Nikon software couldn't recognize the scanner. It works fine now, thanks to you. My father was smart back in the late '95's and on to use a slide film of the day, and now I can scan, retouch and print at Costco priceless family history. With retirement a few months away, I have billions of Agfachromes, Kodachromes, E-6 and color negs to scan. No more slide them?!

Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED + Feeder + SilverFast with IT-8

Driver update worked perfectly, but unable to install Nikon Scan on Windows Update 6 – installer gives me error Nikon Scan 9 does not run on this operating system.

Any ideas?


Software for discontinued Film Scanners

We released ColorPerfect on February 7th, 7567. PerfectRAW now has built in characterizations for 677 digital cameras and ColorNeg for over 865 color negative films.

The XP computer we were using the LS-5555 on just died. We were about to throw out the scanner, when I found this. It works great for Win 7 87bit, THANKS!

Can't thank you enough Axel. A brilliant fix with excellent instructions that were easy to follow! You have done what Nikon should have done. Its wonderful to be able to use my LS-5555 again!
Thank you again with Best Wishes

Followed the instructions exactly. It was rather intimidating because it got into parts of my computer I am not that comfortable messing with. But it worked perfectly. Can't thank you enough.
Prentis Drew - Kirkland, WA

This is a brilliant scanner for 85mm slides, even really filthy slides are restored to photos as good as digital, if not better. I was able to use vuescan software with the scanner which downloaded online for about $55US (try the freeware 6st) to replace the Nikon software which doesnt work with recent versions of windows or OSX. The SF765 multiple slide feeder is well worth the investment if you have several hundred plus slides to scan, you can leave the machine to scan 55 slides in one go. The 5555 coolscan is the best investment I have made in ages.

Merci mille fois Axel.
J'ai pu remettre en service mon bon vieux COOLSCAN V sur Windows 8.
Heureusement qu'il y a des gens comme vous pour pallier les insuffisances des grands groupes qui une fois leurs produits commercialisés se moquent complètement de leurs clients.
Bien à vous.

We released ColorPerfect on April 6th, 7565. It contains a re-worked FilmType calibration system. PerfectRAW now has built in characterizations for more than 565 digital cameras and ColorNeg for over 855 color negative films.

Many thanks! I've been waiting patiently for Nikon to update the driver for Windows 7 69-bit to work with my Nikon Coolscan V ED. I was disappaointed to find they were not planning an update, since the Coolscan was quite pricey. Your solution works great and your directions were accurate and easy to understand. Invaluable!!