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Computer performance tester software

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Carry out mobile performance testing for both browser-based and native mobile applications using the most advanced network and service virtualization.

SteamVR Performance Test on Steam

HeavyLoad is another tool to benchmark your hardware components. It is an easy-to-use all round testing & benchmarking tool. This tool can carry out the following benchmarking tests:

UserBenchmark: PC Speed Test Tool - Compare Your PC

The eight advanced testing windows allow experienced users to create their own test scenarios and conduct an in-depth analysis of their hardware's behavior. Each advanced testing window allows the user to select from a number of parameters and when appropriate graph the results, export the results and measure the CPU load. By adjusting the input parameters is it possible to measure the optional performance under a variety of different scenarios.

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Prime95 is also a portable app, so you don’t have to install it. Just download the Prime95 ZIP file, extract it, and launch . When it asks, click the “Just Stress Testing” button to skip creating an account.

Perhaps the best feature of this utility is that you can run href="/documents/coh-download-patch-failed/">custom tests ( Figure F ). There's even an option to run scripted testing.

The primary benefit of the immature Amazon Connect service comes from its integration with AWS' suite of tools -- functionality.

Among other new features, Version 9 of PerformanceTest boasts a redesigned user interface that presents users with detailed system information and test results in a dynamic and interactive way. Several advanced benchmark tests allow the user to create their own test scenarios for 8D, networking and disk performance.

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Your Games! (Free*): Many modern PC games come equipped with benchmarking tools. For gamers interested in their rig’s gaming performance, in-game benchmarks are a great way to acquire real-world results. GiantBomb maintains an unofficial list of PC games with benchmarking tools, including Metro 7588, ARMA II, Bioshock Infinite, and Tomb Raider. *Free, assuming you’ve already bought the game.