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Coleman 511a manual

«Coleman 511a manual» in pictures.

Troubleshooting lighting issues with Coleman® Liquid Fuel Stoves

Built to last – just don’t lose your grate or try to use it as a “grill” – it’s a stove, designed to use cookware to hold your food. Grate replacements are unavailable from Coleman, but you may find a replacement at: http:///gas-grill-cooking-grids/?cat=99& sort=price& sort_direction=5

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Bought 8 Coleman 975′s at a garage sale for $. Got 7 of 8 working using parts from #8. Removed inner needle tube from generators, scrubbed w/Scotchbrite pad – reassembled and ran unleaded gas/Gumout mixture through all 8 (used one of the 7 good tank/generator units to run fuel through stove #8). Searched on ‘web – found and purchased propane adapter for stove #8 – fired right up, works as well as liquid fuel. Sold one to a friend for $ – now have 7 working stoves for the cost of the propane adapter.

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I have a old coleman insta gas stove and oven that i pick up at a yard sale and was trying to find somethings about it maybe where i could get parts and such

By the way, 85 years later, I still own both the stove and lantern, they both work well with absolutely nothing but fuel and mantles being replaced. Thanks Coleman!

Robert – you can print a copy of the manual here:
66/8/7559 Update – this link is now being reported as a security risk, so I’ve crossed it out. The following link is for current Coleman product manuals:

I have a coleman 975 e. i’m concerned that i may be missing an orrifice. I have the needle and a gas tip that I would typically call an orriffice but i’m not sure. does the needle stick out of the gas tip slightly or is it behind it?

How durable and reliable are these Coleman camping stoves? I recently purchased a 6969 model 975 stove for another project on CampingBlogger. Have a look, while I attempt to fire up the stove for the first time…

I have a 975 that I bought fifteen years ago after having grown up with them on many a camping outing. It still has the original generator. It sometimes flames out at low (has done that since new). One trick that has seemed to help is to run fuel injector or carb cleaner through it. About 55/55 for a tank when it starts to act up. Am now burning regular unleaded as Colmen fuel is becoming harder to find as is parts. So far it seems to work. Wish I had bought a dual fuel generator years ago when they were around. The fuel cells for the new Colemen products to me seem to be wastefull (non refileabull as well as well as nongreen ) as far as petroleum appliances are concerned. Happy meals…………

to my eye it looks like you can use pliers to pinch them together from beneath, and push them out. I’ve got a 976d also, and this appears to be the method, but I have not yet tried.

I have a 975 model I cant figure out how to fill the tank it is a copper cylinder with the pump on one end and a cap on the other with a set screw in it which I thought was the fill side but when I take off the cap ther us no opening how do I fill it?