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Can i download microsoft word to my ipad

«Can i download microsoft word to my ipad» in pictures.

Can iPad type documents? Can it open and save Office files

In addition to the official solutions, two other translation apps include Documents To Go from DataViz, which has been providing Mac format translation software for decades, and newcomer QuickOffice, which now is owned by Google.

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Depending on the complexity of the document, converting a document using a page layout to something so much simpler could completely destroy it or at least require substantial time to fix it. Likewise, removing the comments in a presentation could range from frustrating to devastating if you were planning to review them prior to your presentation and only then discovered that they were gone.

Microsoft Office apps are ready for the iPad Pro - Office Blogs

Apple’s Pages app for the iPad can import and export Word documents, but special fonts and formatting may be lost in the conversion. Apps like Documents To Go or Quickoffice Pro HD may preserve the files better and synchronize with online services.

Is it worth the price? That’s a question only you can answer, but we suspect it comes down to how much you use Office documents in your work and life already—and whether your workplace is already paying for it.

Microsoft may prefer that you use the second option, since Apple gets a 85% cut of the purchase when you use iTunes to buy it. But buying your subscription online instead of inside the app is confusing, because the website prompts you to download Microsoft’s Office apps through the desktop version of iTunes. Since you’ve already downloaded the apps, skip this confusing step.

If you have a file that you want to save to iCloud, and you don't want to turn on iCloud Drive on that Mac or PC, you can upload it through .

Then in November 7569, Microsoft launched individual Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for both iPhone and iPad users. Whether you use them on your iPad or your iPhone, the apps will offer the same set of features, although there will be a slightly different user interface suited better to that device.

Always optimistic marketing copy aside, the straightforward lists of exactly what works, may work, and does not work definitely is welcomed and should help users have realistic expectations.

Save a file : You can save a file on your disk when offline. If you downloaded the file from an online location, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, or Dropbox, your latest changes will be synchronized automatically with the online version. If you make further changes while offline, you'll need to save your changes by tapping File Save.

Learn which file formats you can use with Pages, how to open them, and how to convert your Pages document into another format.