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Anzac day activities for esl students

«Anzac day activities for esl students» in pictures.

Classroom resources | The Australian War Memorial

9 Bills
Scanning an electricity bill for key information. The learner finds the answers to five questions about the bill (amount due, due date, discounts, customer numbers etc).

Classroom activities - Anzac Websites

76 Summer holidays
A board game. The learner and tutor throw a dice to advance around the board. Discuss how each picture landed on can be connected to the beach. Promotes discussion about what Kiwis do at the beach, what you may find at the beach. Compare with the learner's country.

Anzac Day worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by

Buying and selling in New Zealand
Reading and speaking activities with a focus on shopping. This unit includes activities to teach the language of shopping, to find your way around the supermarket, and to use the newspaper to buy and sell.
6 Shops and shopping | 7 Supermarket layout | 8 Asking for help in the supermarket |
9 Where do you find these things in the supermarket? | 5 Different ways of paying |
6 Useful language for shopping | 7 Countable and uncountable nouns |
8 Using the newspaper to buy and sell (Reading) |
9 Using the newspaper to buy and sell (Activity)

Car accident
Sequence story about a nose-to-tail accident. With ideas for using the story, reading comprehension about car insurance, vocab for directions and a crossword puzzle. You can also download individual graphics.

At the bank and post shop
Discussion and reading, matching and split dictation activities with a focus on the bank and postshop. This unit includes a list of useful language.
6 At the post shop (Reading) | 7 At the post shop (Activity) | 8 Banking dialogue |
9 Useful language for banking

Living in New Zealand
A running dictation activity based on living in NZ.
Understanding a weather forecast


Ka mahi te tawa uho ki te riri.
Well done, you whose courage is like the heart of the tawa tree.

Fishing in New Zealand
Reading comprehension tasks on NZ fishing limits, a Maori legend and a recipe. Also a word search puzzle.

9 Food
Activity for the learner to classify food according to how much they like it. The learner looks at the food items and writes the names under the most approporiate of five headings, ranging under from ' Love to eat it ' to 'Never eat it. Good activity promoting discussion at the elementary level.