Published: 16.08.2018 17:38

Active directory filter disabled users

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How do I remove disabled users in Active Directory from the Zscaler

I want to have a script that will provide me with all the users that have an account which is to expire in 5 or 65 days prior to running the script

Useful LDAP Search Queries - WebSpy Ltd.

The preferred way to change OU-based filtering is by running the installation wizard and changing domain and OU filtering. The installation wizard automates all the tasks that are documented in this topic.

How to query Active Directory by using a bitwise filter

Azure AD Connect tool that let’s you synchronize your on-premises AD accounts to Azure AD. So I thought: what happens when you have some disabled user accounts in your on-premises AD environment? Do you really need them to synchronize? Probably not.

Use these filters in your . Users which require access to Sitecore are added to the GRP-Sitecore-Users group in Active Directory. To keep things simple, this tracking group limits who appears in User Manager the remaining access is configure in Sitecore on an individual user basis.

The query is a simple LDAP-Query, so you can use the negation operator: just place a ! in front of the item, and the outcome will be negated. So in your case:

The ServiceNow Wiki is no longer being updated. Please refer to http:// for the latest product documentation.

Microsoft doesn't support modifying or operating Azure AD Connect sync outside of the actions that are formally documented. Any of these actions might result in an inconsistent or unsupported state of Azure AD Connect sync. As a result, Microsoft can't provide technical support for such deployments.

If you check your user accounts list in the Azure AD portal, you can see that the disabled user is not on the list, because it was not synchronized:

One way to do it would be:
The User Manager dialog requests a list of users from the UserProvider which can be configured with a patch:

In the following samples, the precedence value starts with 55. This can be any number not used, but should be lower than 655.